Top 5 Ways Managed Services Can Help Your Business

When everything in your business is working as it should be, it’s easy to believe that nothing will ever go wrong. However, seasoned business owners know that Murphy’s Law often comes into play when things are otherwise running smoothly. Nowhere is this more obvious than with your IT environment.

If your server goes down, your phone system stops working, or your system gets hit with a virus, you’re suddenly operating in crisis mode. Downtime affects your ability to serve your customers effectively and creates unplanned expenses. It frustrates your employees and damages productivity. And ultimately, IT problems can damage your professional reputation.

Top 5 Ways Managed Services Can Help Your Business

How Managed Services Can Help Your Business

Working with a managed services provider (MSP) can help your business avoid some of the pitfalls of IT problems in the workplace. Managed services give a business the ability to focus on its core product and/or service offerings and operate more efficiently. The benefits are numerous, and include:

Proactive Monitoring

How great would it be to be able to stop a problem from happening in your infrastructure? Your MSP constantly monitors your systems for issues, often resolving them before they become a problem.

Routine Maintenance

Hardware failure can create an all-hands-on-deck scenario as you scramble to repair malfunctioning equipment. Ongoing maintenance provided by your MSP, however, helps to keep your technology up-to-date and can actually extend the life of your hardware.

Instant Support

There will be times when you simply need help with your tech. Managed services typically include a support component, which allows you and your staff to simply call or email when you need assistance. Often, your MSP can resolve problems remotely and limit inconvenience to you and your staff.

Built-in Repairs

Your bottom line can take a hit when it comes to repair fees, particularly if it takes more than one repair service to fix a single issue. Managed services perform repairs quickly and economically in accordance with your agreement.

Consistent Monthly Rate

IT budgets can be unpredictable without a managed services agreement. For a flat, monthly rate, however, you can better control the peaks and valleys that often accompany IT expenses.

Get a Handle on Your IT With Managed Services

For the small and midsize business, managed services can provide many of the same advantages that an in-house IT department brings to large corporations. Limit your downtime and reduce the hassle of IT problems, all for the cost of a regular monthly fee. Reduce the frustration that can sometimes accompany technology and improve staff productivity and workplace culture.  Managed services provides a single source for maintaining a robust IT environment, a clear advantage over trying to fix issues as they arise.

Lieberman Technologies can help your business to determine the right mix of managed services offerings for your business’ unique needs.  Contact us for more information!