Verizon Wireless Phishing Scam


Be aware of a well-crafted and clever scam that is likely trying to gain access to your login credentials to Verizon Wireless. Just today (12/18/2014) I received a robo-voice call from the number 1-800-921-8678 that was claiming to be Verizon Wireless. The quality of the robo-voice was less than what I would have expected and that was my first hint that this call was a scam or phishing expedition. Although I cannot recall the exact wording, the basic message was:

  • Verizon Wireless appreciates my business
  • Verizon was giving me a credit of $26 on my next bill
  • To claim the credit, I needed to visit

Is a phishing site?

I carefully pulled up the website and it looked nearly identical to the Verizon Wireless website with one exception. In the middle of the page was an advertisement for an iPhone 6 (just like I might see on Verizon’s website), but the quality of image was less than what I would expect to see on Verizon’s website. In fact, the lettering was slightly pixelated. On this page also, was a box to login with my Verizon Wireless username and password.

I hovered over the various links and they all appeared to be legitimate – and would fool almost any user. And if it wasn’t for the pixelated wording on the image, I think I would have been put completely at ease.  Since I was using Chrome as the browser, I inspected the page coding (HTML and JavaScript) and I could see that it was a phishing website, but extremely well done. Every link on the page shows as the destination. Even better, clicking on a link brings up a page from Verizon’s website and it is the real content, but framed inside a hidden page that will see everything that I do from that point on.

So please be aware of this scam or anything that sounds similar.