The Benefits of Web-Based Software for Your Business

Most businesses these days use at least one software platform to perform tasks that are essential to their daily operations. Whether it’s time-keeping, invoicing, or performing other specialized functions, work activities become easier and more efficient with the help of the right software. However, desktop and server-based programs—especially custom software—can pose a challenge to business owners who may not have the time or resources to maintain them. Enabling your software for the web is a viable solution to many common software problems.

The benefits of web-based software for your business

How Web-Based Software Helps

Web-based software is software that users can access via a web browser on any device with internet access, rather than a program installed on a computer. Because of its flexibility, web-based software can offer many benefits to businesses, including more efficient maintenance and improved data security.

Ease of Access to Your Business Data

Web-based software makes it easy to access your business data from any device. That’s because there’s no need to install new programs to access the application. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. This makes it easy to access your software from mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

Additionally, your data is accessible in real time. That’s because it is stored in a central cloud-based location, not on individual workstations, hard drives, or a network of physical servers.

Better Software Maintenance—and Data Security

Data stored virtually in a central location is easier to back up. That means web-based software can significantly reduce your risk of business information loss. What’s more, experienced network administrators monitor this kind of software, watching for security threats and protecting your customer information from cyber attacks. This kind of protection is not as readily available for desktop software that runs on multiple PCs.

Running outdated software can be a security risk. The good news is maintenance is easier with web-based software. Instead of relying on employees to perform updates to desktop applications, your software provider does the work. Once updates are pushed to the host server, the most up-to-date version of the program is available via the web-based platform. There’s no need to call tech support or take time out of your workday to download updates.

More Integration Capabilities

Aside from security and accessibility benefits, there are other perks to web enablement for your business’ productivity. It’s much easier to make two web-based softwares communicate than it is for isolated desktop systems. When one software can “talk” to another, it makes passing data between the two much easier. This can improve the efficiency of your business operations and streamline your workflow.

Enabling Your Business’ Custom Software for the Web

If your business is using a server-based software to conduct business, it may be a good idea to consider working with an expert to enable it for the web. This is especially true if you’re using custom software. Whether it was developed in house or outsourced to a third party, custom software usually does not come with a built-in web app or the level of support that is offered by out-of-the-box software providers.

Lieberman Technologies has worked with many clients to translate the functionality of server-based programs to robust web applications. Give us a call to learn how web enablement can help your business be more efficient and remain secure.