Web Presence: Do You Have It?

There’s no question that the Internet has redefined business, expanding the reach of companies past traditional borders. Neighborhood businesses are the stuff of nostalgia, because the Internet has expanded the marketplace beyond the end of the block and past the edge of town. Very few companies can exist in today’s marketplace without some sort of web presence.

what is your company's web presence?

But what is web presence?

You may think that by having a website, you have web presence, and you’re not wrong, exactly. But web presence is so much more. Your web presence is, quite simply, everything you do on the web – your website, social media, e-newsletters, blogs, even your email.

Your web presence is critical to your business’ brand, because a brand isn’t something you can buy off the shelf and put into service as you would a piece of equipment. Your brand is a business asset that is built by how you position your company and present it to your customers. It’s very important that you utilize your web presence as a vehicle for branding your business, because your competition is as close as the next click.

Customers use the web as a primary (and often only) tool to learn about products and services, and they do it with a variety of devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones. Your web presence should connect you with your customers and allow them to connect and respond to you, regardless of the device they use.

Your web presence should be engaging, provide useful information, and even entertain your customers, because in doing so you win them over. Use your web presence to foster a conversation, and maintain that conversation throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead.

{photo used under Creative Commons from greyweed – flickr}

What is your favorite online brand and why?