Website Hosting

Do you know who is responsible for your website hosting?

Our team has been hosting websites since the mid 90’s. Our website hosting options are affordable, reliable, and include first-class support. There are many options available for website hosting, some of which are very low-cost. However, when something goes wrong, you could find your website unavailable for many hours at a time. How do you get back up and running in such a scenario?

At Lieberman Technologies, we have carefully chosen our data center partners to ensure top-notch performance at all times. On the rare occasion something does go wrong, our Evansville website hosting support team is on top of the situation, finding solutions and getting your site back up as quickly as possible.

Don’t risk your web presence by simply choosing your cheapest option.

What are the benefits of our business class web hosting?

Our cloud-based website hosting includes the following:

  • Load-balancing to easily and automatically handle traffic spikes
  • Daily backups of the database(s) and file system
  • One-click backup restoration available upon request
  • Server optimizations for improved WordPress hosting
  • Proactive WordPress maintenance on available updates and security patches
  • Local professionals providing service and support

Why an Evansville website hosting company?

Our office in Evansville, Indiana provides local access throughout the Evansville / Tri-State area. This proximity creates the opportunity to meet face-to-face when a phone call, or email, just isn’t enough.