What Did You Wear to Work Today?


I think most of us agree that we all have great potential…maybe even unlimited potential…to do great things. I also think that all of us would agree that there are a very limited number of minutes each day that we have and they cannot be retrieved once they are gone. The older I get the more I think about these things.

I also really value practical advice. The tip to “buy low and sell high” is great stock-picking advice, but isn’t practical for everyone. First, you have to have enough money to be investing in stocks. Second, you have to have access to resources (people or information) who can help you understand when the stock market is nearing a low point and when it is nearing a high point. So, even though it may be great advice, I don’t know if I think it is practical for most of us.

Dan Sullivan, however, has some great things to say that is clearly in the category of “practical advice” and it applies to all of us! We here at Lieberman Technologies are very proud of the fact that Dan was one of the speakers at the first Tedx Evansville event. The overall topic of Tedx Evansville was “rebirth. revival. renewal. this is our re:naissance.” In short, “Be re-inspired!”

Dan’s talk is titled, “Uniformity, monotony, and creativity” and it is anything but boring.  The next time you have 6 minutes and 39 seconds to spare, take time to watch Dan’s talk. You won’t get those 6 minutes back, but you’ll learn how you make even more of all of the rest of the minutes you have remaining! And as a side benefit, the title to this article will then make sense.