The processes that move business forward are almost always driven by technology. Lieberman Technologies creates custom software and websites that can help you maintain a competitive edge.

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For many businesses, off-the-shelf software can only supply limited functionality, forcing them to perform many operations manually. Custom software development can create a more efficient system that serves the various needs in a company’s processes. Lieberman Technologies learns what a company needs from its software and then builds it to meet those specifications.

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Web technologies are constantly changing and evolving. Web languages come and go. New Website technology and web languages continually change and evolve. Do-it-yourself websites are by necessity limited in scope and function. When you need a website that can do more, turn to Lieberman Technologies. We can develop a website that serves your business, both now and in the future.

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Website design trends shift from year to year, and what was once cutting-edge can often appear dated in a very short time. At LT, we make sure your website has a clean, modern, appealing design, one that leverages your company’s specific branding and business culture.

When you have software applications that work well on their own but need to communicate with one another, an Application Programming Interface (API) can be the answer. APIs can help you take what’s working for your business and make it more effective. Lieberman Technologies can examine your company’s needs and help you determine if an API is right for your business.

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The costs associated with hosting a website can vary wildly. Your customers expect your website to load quickly and protect their personal data, and your hosting provider plays a role in delivering these expectations. LT’s website hosting services can help you provide a swift, safe website experience.

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How do your customers find you online? How do you get your website in front of potential customers? Both of these questions can be answered with three words: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Like the name suggests, SEO enables customers to find your website via search engines through constant and consistent discovery, crawling, and indexing. Lieberman Technologies can help your website get discovered by teaching you SEO basics, designing a site that is easily indexed, and helping you assess SEO performance.

At Lieberman Technologies We C.A.R.E.

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The time to dream.
What do you want to do? Let’s throw your ideas on a whiteboard and imagine what we can achieve. We’ll work through these ideas together to develop a customized, strategic technology plan for your whole business, a single business unit, or even a specific project.

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The time to build.
Put your plan into action. Our expertise in website and software development, infrastructure, scalability, equipment, security, VOIP and other technologies enables us to execute the plan.

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The time to evaluate.
Is the plan meeting its goals? Let’s review and assess the execution, the launch, the response and the return on investment. How does it fit in with the bigger picture? Let’s make sure we hit your goals and plan for the future.

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The time for growth.
Let’s take your business to the next level – and since we planned for growth during the Concept phase, we have a great foundation to build on. We can help you scale up to reach new heights, whatever that looks like for your business.