When to Outsource Your Software Development

How efficient are your business processes? If your business is like most, you use a variety of off-the-shelf softwares to meet various needs. Part of the broad appeal of off-the-shelf software is its adaptability for general use. Some business functions, such as email or accounting, are universal.

As your business grows and develops, however, you may find yourself making a “wish list” of functions that you would like to get from your current system. You may even begin the arduous process of creating your own custom software from scratch.

Custom software can be a game-changer in terms of efficiency and productivity. By developing software that meets your needs exactly, you can adapt your operations as your business changes.

Many businesses begin with internal custom software development. While this can seem like a logical evolution, it often becomes a series of stopgap measures as your business productivity starts to soar. To keep ahead of the curve, you may want to consider outsourcing your custom software development. But how do you know when it’s time to take that step?

Blocks labeled with different functionality and linking them all together

When should you outsource your software development?

Instead of trying to fit your processes into a predefined box, you can make your software fit your processes. Outsourcing your software development makes sense if:

  • You have one person tasked with maintaining your system
    Your employees understand the details and nuances of your process, so who better to design and create a system from scratch? While that may be a good start, what happens when the employee who created the system gets sick, takes vacation, or retires?
  • You need something more specialized
    Internally-developed software works well when it meets the criteria of your processes. How will you handle it when your processes change?
  • You’ve outgrown your system
    Technology can move at a blistering pace. What worked for your business a year ago might not be big enough to handle increased production now and into the future.
  • Your patchwork of systems doesn’t handle the workload
    Trying to make a combination of off-the-shelf and custom softwares work together can be a bigger challenge than you anticipated. If your system lags, fails, or otherwise can’t handle the workload, how will you ever make any progress?
  • You are doing a lot of manual entry
    Manual entry points are an opportunity for replicated errors. All it takes is one transposed number, one mistyped address, or one incorrect bit of information to create a significant problem. Far better to have one central point of entry and a system of checks and balances along the way.

If any of these scenarios are familiar, it might be time to outsource your software development.  An experienced software developer can help you develop your system in a hypothetical environment and thoroughly test it before taking it live. They can work with you to eliminate flaws and create more efficient processes. And they can be a resource to your business as your workforce fluctuates.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Custom software development is a great option for businesses seeking more control and greater efficiency in their operations. When your off-the-shelf software has outlived its usefulness and you need to streamline your processes, making the move into a custom environment can be an enormous benefit.

It can be the difference between working harder and working smarter. Lieberman Technologies can help your business to develop custom software designed specifically for your business. Contact us today!