Don’t be April Fooled – World Backup Day is March 31st

How often do you back up your computer’s data?

Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Ever?

Backing up your data is like flossing your teeth – you know you should do it, but you don’t. You’re not sure what to do, or when, or how, and it seems like a lot of trouble. If you have to try and recover lost data due to hard drive failure, you’ll quickly learn the true meaning of “a lot of trouble.”

A survey done by cloud security firm Trend Micro presents some telling numbers. Of one thousand individuals surveyed, nearly 40% have never run a backup. Only slightly better are the 25% of respondents who perform a backup once a month. And when it comes to personally valuable and irreplaceable data, perhaps the most frightening stat of all: over 80% of respondents had no backup at all of their digital wedding images. Think about your irreplaceable photos. Do you have them backed up? What about your financial records?

If haven’t been backing up your files, you have an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. World Backup Day is March 31st, and it’s the perfect time to establish a backup plan and schedule.

Not sure what to back up, or how?

PCMag offers a nice beginner’s guide to backups.

This year’s World Backup Day also falls on Easter Sunday. So in addition to hunting eggs and enjoying chocolate bunnies, take some time to back up your files. After all, if your hard drive crashes on April 1, it won’t be a joke.

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