Your Business Needs a Custom Software Safety Net

For businesses with highly specialized processes and workflows, custom software can improve efficiency and productivity. Once a company steps out of the realm of off-the-shelf software, going back to that setting would be difficult. Custom software is an investment of time and expertise, but its rewards can be immense. A large number of businesses opt to use an in-house developer to create and maintain a custom software environment. Since this person often has in-depth knowledge about the business, their expertise can be invaluable in creating software that precisely fits the company’s needs.

People building a Custom Software Solution

The Perks of Custom Software

Sometimes all a business needs is minimal intervention via customized software that links two standalone software applications. Creating and deploying this type of software, known as middleware, can help to solve many issues in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

For businesses that require more specialized solutions, creating custom software applications from scratch makes sense. Because such software is tailored precisely to business needs, it can adapt as the business grows and changes.

Using an in-house developer for such a task can make perfect sense, particularly since that person will be dedicated to ongoing development. Having such a person on staff will allow for swifter response to challenges as well as driving innovation in your workflow.

The Biggest Challenge of Custom Software

What happens, however, when the one person who knows the most about your software, the one who designed it and wrote the code, isn’t available? Things happen – maybe that employee is on vacation when something in your software goes haywire… or maybe they leave your company altogether by retiring or taking another position. Without the mastermind behind your custom software, what will you do?

For that matter, what happens when your in-house developer reaches the limits of their knowledge? How long can you wait for them to learn new skills and practices? What about when it’s time to “pass the torch” to another in-house developer? Does it make sense to place the responsibility on a single person? If only you had some sort of safety net…

We Are Your Custom Software Safety Net

Perhaps you’ve considered outsourcing your software development and have determined that’s not the path you want to take for your business just yet. An in-house developer may be the right option for your business, and only you can make that determination. However, it’s worth considering enlisting the services of a developer support service as a safety net for your custom software.

Using a developer support service allows you to continue to use your in-house developer while also giving them a helping hand when they (and you) need it. Pairing your in-house development with outside support gives you a safety net against the unexpected.

Lieberman Technologies provides developer support to many businesses that employ in-house developers. In this role, we review the full scope of a custom software project, familiarize ourselves with the code, and check the development against industry best practices. We also assess any changes in the code and provide a listening ear for questions regarding your development. And should your in-house developer become unavailable, we can step in to help you continue business as usual.

In many ways, we are your “insurance” against disaster when it comes to your in-house custom software development. Want to know more? Contact us today!