Helping Businesses Do Tech Better

40 years of experience with hardware, software, and the web.

Managed IT Services

We can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and systems (like your email or instant messaging), and proactively resolve problems with your system.

Web Design & App Development

We develop websites and software to improve how your business works. We design and build Apps and websites for many types of corporations, medical practices, small businesses, and more.

IT Services

Firewalls, network servers, wireless networks, print servers, network switches, backups, disaster recovery, and everything in between. For the LTnow system engineers, downtime is not an option!


Our Internet, Voice, WAN, and Video Conferencing solutions give you the connectivity for your business to thrive. We deliver the right telecom solutions to fit your needs and budget.

When Your Map Says “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

This Page Can't Load Google Maps image
“This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” is a recent Google Maps error message that may have come up on your website’s maps recently. In the background, a grey map shows with the words “For development purposes only” repeating across the map. This error is due to a recent change to the Google Maps API but good news! We can fix it together!

Local Google Business Experts Giving Free Seminars

local google expert score tour
Google recently released even more tools for the small business owner to increase their presence online. There is a lot more to that sidebar than address and phone number. These seminars are a chance for you to learn more about SEO for free in Evansville.

5 Ways a Blog Helped Us Bring in More Business

using a blog to bring in leads and business
These five ways that a blog helped us bring in more business are not technology-specific. They would scale across a lot of small business and even medium-sized companies.

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