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Contact Us

Lieberman Technologies
223 NW 2nd St., Ste 300
Evansville, IN  47708-1221

Phone: (812) 434-6600
Toll-free: 877-Lieberman
Fax: (812) 434-6650

Email: info@LTnow.com

Remote Support Access

Lieberman Technologies can offer you support remotely saving you time and money eliminating the time it takes to drive to your facility.  The process is simple – just click the “Download” button for your Operating System and follow the instructions below.

Operating System

After clicking the “Download” button, you may see one or multiple Security Warning prompts, click Run on all of these.

Finally you should see a window that displays Lieberman Technologies and a 9 digit “Your ID”. You will need to provide the technician the 9 digit ID code. This will allow our technician to establish a secure, remote connection to you.