Barracuda Web Filter Technology

Scalable Web Filtering for Today’s Business Environment

In the web environment for business today, your employees must have access to the Internet for various purposes.  But giving employees open access without filters in place can put your company and your network in danger. I’d like to share with you a bit more information about the web content filter we use here at Lieberman and recommend to our customers.

As an installed hardware component on a business network, Barracuda’s web filter offers complete protection in three ways: preventative, reactive, and proactive. Preventatively, Barracuda allows businesses to comply with Internet usage policies by blocking access to objectionable content and unauthorized applications found on the Internet. Reactively, the filter’s anti-malware function prevents viruses, blocks spyware downloads, and blocks requests to malicious websites. And proactively, Barracuda offers spyware and virus protection in relation to a powerful reporting engine, allowing businesses to stay on top of trends in malware.

barracuda web filter

The Barracuda web filter appliance can be added seamlessly to an existing network, and will integrate with existing components and user authentication systems. As a network component, there are no per-user licensing fees, making the Barracuda web filter highly cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

How does the Barracuda Web Filter work?

With a multi-layered approach to web filtering, Barracuda utilizes a variety of technologies to regulate Web usage and protect against malware.  Administrators have the ability to enforce corporate Internet usage policies by managing bandwidth usage, website visits, and Internet application use on a granular level.  Layers of defense filter out harmful traffic between internal systems and the Internet, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and application protocols.  The Barracuda web filter appliance also receives support from Barracuda Central, an advanced security operations center that continually monitors and blocks Internet threats around the clock.  By combining multiple layers of protection with a 24/7 monitoring system for new and emerging threats, Barracuda provides the most complete web filtering solution available.

You may be asking:

“How much protection does my network really need? Isn’t my firewall enough?”

Web filters help the firewall function more effectively by controlling threats as they develop.  In addition, web filters provide a service beyond filtering of traffic into and out of a network.


  1. A web filter allows administrators to manage Internet bandwidth.  The Barracuda Web Filter allows control of access to high bandwidth sites as well as blocking usage of Internet applications.  Reports and real-time logs generated by Barracuda help to identify activities of concern and give administrators a better sense of true bandwidth needs.
  2. In addition, a web filter helps you manage workplace productivity. How much time does your staff spend on non-business activity on the Internet?  A web filter monitors employees’ web habits and allows you to manage such activity.
  3. The Barracuda Web Filter provides additional security and policy enforcement capabilities. In scanning all traffic that enters and exits the network, the web filter immediately identifies any malware that may attach to the network and begins disinfecting that machine.  While this is taking place, the web filter blocks any attempt of that malware to phone home.  Further protection comes from the Barracuda Web Filter Security Agents that protect client machines when they are disconnected from the corporate network.
  4. While your business may not be subject to industry regulations with regard to data, you’re still in a business environment and there are potential legal liabilities to consider. Client files uploaded to Rapidshare, personal HR information posted to 4Chan, and porn pics being emailed around the office, are just a few of the nightmare scenarios that can come out of uncontrolled office Internet.

In short, web content filtering can protect your company data and improve your employees’ productivity.  The Barracuda Web Filter is one of the most effective, usable filters available anywhere, and it can be scaled to fit your company’s needs.  If you’d like to discuss web filtering for your business please contact me at and I’d be happy to help you deploy a web filter solution that works best for your business.

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