Datto Siris: Business Continuity for Midsize Business

Data protection and recovery continues to be an important factor in the viability of businesses of every size. Recently, we announced our partnership with Datto and introduced the Datto Alto, designed for small business. Some businesses, however, may have small staffs but generate an enormous amount of data. How does such a business protect its data without a dedicated in-house IT staff?

Fortunately, Datto has a solution for these companies: Datto Siris.

datto siris business continuity for midsize business SMB

Datto Siris: Data Protection for Midsize Business

Datto Siris is a robust solution for businesses with large amounts of data to protect. Like the Alto, Datto Siris is an appliance that installs in the network environment. It backs up data directly from the server or workstation, creating a unique virtual image. This image can be booted instantly from a web interface or virtual machine. Such a setup allows for instant virtualization, which helps to eliminate downtime – critical for businesses that rely on access to large amounts of data.

Datto Siris tests the integrity of backups by conducting a mock recovery with each backup performed. These tests confirm that a backup is available in the event of a disaster. Restores can be as large as an entire data set or as singular as one file. For businesses with multiple locations, Datto Siris makes it possible to restore files in one location, on one workstation, or across several locations.

Datto Siris Features:

Eliminating Downtime for Midsize Business

Business continuity is important for businesses of all sizes, and Datto Siris helps midsize business reduce or eliminate downtime. If your business creates and stores a large amount of data, Datto Siris can make that data available no matter how your business is structured. For more information, contact Lieberman Technologies. We can help you determine which is the right business continuity solution for your business.