Do I Need a Business Phone System for My Small Business?

Everyone uses their smartphone for communications these days. You might even wonder if you still need a business phone system for small business. Do you want your employees to communicate in a professional manner with each other and with your customers? A business phone system is designed for exactly that. Many consumers still judge a business by how ready they are to take a phone call. Posting a phone number on your website, storefront, or business card tells people, “I want to talk to you.” Customers appreciate that. Inside your business’ walls, employees might be sectioned off in cubicles or offices but they still need to collaborate and work together. The more ways your team is able to communicate, the more efficient they will be in moving your business forward. A business phone system for small business is critical.

Business phone systems for small business and large enterprise

Smart Phones are Good at a Lot of Things, Desk Phones are Excellent at a Few

Considering that you can check your email, take pictures, and play games on your smartphone, you might think of your desk phone as a dumb phone. However, office phone systems have been keeping up with their slick glass competitors in many ways. You don’t have to be tied to your desk to use your office phone; most modern business phone systems are compatible with wireless headsets, allowing you to move freely throughout the office. With your desktop integrated with your multi-line phone system, you can click a contact in your Skype box and get them on the phone for a quick answer that needs speech instead of typing. Instead of shouting down the hall, you can dial up a co-worker with the touch of a single speed dial button. Calling them for a quick question is as easy if they are down the hall, across the room, or across the country.

Lieberman Technologies sells and installs Allworx phone systems that can do all of this and more. Our Allworx systems feature find-me-follow-me, which rolls your calls to another phone in the office if you don’t answer in 3 rings. You can even make it ring your co-workers while you go to lunch, and your cell phone if they don’t answer. The caller doesn’t see your cell phone number, so as far as they know, you are at your desk and not waiting in line at the taco truck.

An Easy-to-Use Phone System Will Get Used More Often

Better use of any communications tool in your office is going to improve morale and camaraderie among your workers. Develop a company culture that isn’t afraid of being office phone ninjas. Encourage your employees to explore the advanced features of your business phone system.  When your employees are more comfortable answering the phone, your customers will have a better experience when they call in. And what’s more, when your employees know how to put a caller on hold, transfer calls, add-in a third party, or even manage their voicemail well, they will earn respect and confidence in other areas as well.

Enterprise-Class Phone Systems For Growing and Big Businesses

As your company grows from 10 to 100 employees, you want a phone system that will grow too. With a modern network setup, you just add on more phones as they are needed. Our systems scale with your business so you don’t have to worry about buying something that you’ll outgrow after 6 months. If you start out with equipment with a capacity of 40 lines, you can add on another module of 40 lines when you need them. Also consider the software updates and upgrades that expand your capabilities. You can see that your phone system won’t be obsolete or over capacity for many many years.

The Real Cost of a Business Phone System

Going from an old phone system that basically makes and takes calls to a complete hosted communication solution might sound expensive at first. The main thing to take into account is that modern business phones are systems and not just phones. These full systems enable you to:

  • Continue using your business phone number during a power outage.
  • Eliminate long distance bills between offices and enable 3-digit calling across state lines.
  • Track hold times, wait times, call durations, and overall usage.
  • Easily add and remove employees instead of calling a technician out every time someone changes jobs.

How do these features compare to the limitations of your old phone system? You may conclude that investing in a modern business phone system is the right move for your business. Your customers expect a higher degree of efficiency and professionalism in this era of smartphones. Now, even small business can compete with the big boys thanks to these feature-rich phone systems.

Need to upgrade your business phone system? Want to improve your office communications? Contact us to explore the many options that a modern business phone system can provide.