Hosting Services

Hosting and cloud-based services.

Our goal is very simple – make sure that technology never lets you down. To that end, we’ve become champions of hosted services. Whether it be your website, email services, collaboration services, file servers, Exchange servers… it can make a lot of sense to have these run and maintained by someone else who has first-class facilities, trained staff, and scale.

You want to run your business, we want to make sure your technology is rock-solid reliable. Call us to learn how you can move up the reliability chain without breaking the bank.

Website Hosting

Website hosting services are great, as long as everything runs as it should. But if your website goes down, who do you call to get it back up and running? If your only option is an impersonal phone call or email, maybe you should consider hosting your website with a local provider. We work with you to identify the best hosting plan to fit your company’s needs and we back it up with local support in the event something goes wrong.

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Hosted Email

For both internal and external communications, email is a vital part of a company’s workflow. Using hosted email allows for scalability as well as improved security, and allows your employees access to a comprehensive set of tools to improve productivity. As a provider for both Office 365 and Hosted Exchange, we can put the right set of tools in the hands of your employees to help them collaborate and communicate effectively.

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Email Spam Prevention

With the convenience of email also comes a wealth of annoying and potentially harmful messages better known as spam. Unsolicited commercial email, or spam, is a multi-billion-dollar global business, and it affects thousands of companies worldwide every year in the form of lost productivity and infected networks. We can help you to eliminate viruses, Trojans, and other malware delivered via email with our spam prevention solutions, tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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Managed Services

Whether your business is a single office or multiple locations, managing your IT needs for your company can be a daunting task. Network performance, hardware and software issues, and overall infrastructure stability can affect your employees’ productivity as well as your budget. We can monitor your IT assets 24/7 and address issues as they arise, minimizing downtime and lost productivity while keeping your IT budget manageable.

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