How Your Data Backup Solution Can Improve Business Continuity

Planning for business continuity can be the difference between business as usual and all-hands-on-deck when disaster strikes. However your business continuity plan may be structured, without a doubt, one of its most important elements is your data backup solution.

Selecting the best data backup solution for your business hinges on two elements: data loss and time.

Your data backup solutions can improve your business continuity.

Loss of data – How much is too much?

Think of the data that your business generates and uses during one day of operation. Over the course of days, weeks, or months, this can be a significant amount of data. Now imagine what would happen if you no longer had access to this data.

Elements such as your customer records, accounting functions, inventory, and even company email all have an impact on how your business operates. If you and your staff can no longer access these bits of information, how would you continue to operate? What will happen if you are unable to recover any of this information? How will that affect your business?

How much time can your business spare?

Most businesses run a pretty tight ship when it comes to the time it takes to do business. Profitability often depends on the quick and efficient handling of business functions. When business activity comes to a halt because of a data disaster, there is a tipping point. Recovery time is a critical element in relation to this point.

Aside from the initial downtime that comes with a data disaster, businesses need to examine the long-term effects, too. How long can your operations be suspended before it begins to affect your profitability? How quickly do you need to be back up and running?

Looking Beyond a Data Backup Solution

Your business continuity plan should include a data backup solution that allows you to mitigate the effects of data loss and time to recovery. Surprisingly, many businesses use a data backup solution that is inefficient and incomplete.

A full business continuity solution not only addresses the preservation of business data, it also provides a means for fast, full restoration in the event of a data disaster.

A Holistic Approach to Business Continuity

Business continuity is more than data backups, however. Your business must also plan for ready access to these backups as well as restoration of this data in a timely manner. This holistic approach to business continuity is your best option for stability and consistency. No matter what form disaster may take, the quick and complete recovery of business data via your data backup solution is critical. Minimizing downtime and data loss helps to protect your business.

Elements of a Holistic Business Continuity Plan

For a business continuity plan to be effective, it must include a method for fast, full restoration of capabilities. This includes the ability to restore images and files to different equipment in the event of damage or destruction of the original hardware. Other elements include:

  • Image capture of data, applications, and operating systems
  • Backup of all workstations and servers (Sobering fact: 96% of all business workstations are not backed up)
  • Ability for backup and restoration from central or alternate location
  • Ability for full restoration on different hardware or even bare metal
  • Regular testing of backups to ensure the viability of files and images

Other Consequences of Downtime

Small businesses are especially vulnerable when it comes to downtime. It’s estimated that the average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute, regardless of industry. While it is helpful to assign a dollar figure to such an event, the truth is that downtime can cost a business so much more.

In this always-on, always-connected world, a business experiencing downtime can also fall victim to negative press related to the outage. Customer confidence can slip. Perceived value in products or services can take a hit. Internally, employee frustration can transmit through to their interactions with customers.

How do you lessen the potential impact of downtime? A holistic business continuity plan is a great place to start. Preparing for a disaster requires a data backup solution that allows for a fast and full restoration of capabilities. Lieberman Technologies can help you to assess the impact of your business continuity plan, improve weak areas, and follow through with regular testing of your plan. Contact us to get started!