Network Support

Now more than ever, business relies on technology to get things done. Because your network connects your employees to the vital data they need to be productive, the reliability of this connection is critical to the bottom line. Without secure, reliable, fast connectivity, your business can be severely downgraded and possibly come to a halt.

Each business has its unique needs and Lieberman Technologies focuses on gathering the information necessary to provide a solution specific to those needs.  We are experts in designing a cost-effective network infrastructure, troubleshooting network problems, and implementing any changes necessary to improve the overall performance of your network.

Our solutions may include Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, Small Business servers, SharePoint servers, SQL servers as well as virtual servers.  If your network requires wireless network connectivity from laptops or smart phones, we will design a secure solution that provides the coverage you need.  If you have remote offices and need to work from home, we will implement a secure connection so you can be productive even when you are not at your desk.

From two PCs to 200 PCs, Lieberman Technologies can help your network function smoothly and securely.