Telecom Services: Internet, Phone Systems, and Networks

Telecom ServicesBalancing your businesses’ communication needs with the budget you have allotted for them isn’t always easy.  Telecom’s share of your company’s utility budget will continue to grow as your business grows, and it makes sense to examine your needs to determine that your budget is spent wisely. We can help you to find affordable telecom solutions that integrate with the rest of your operation.


A large portion of business today is conducted via the Internet, and you must carefully consider your options to assure your company can run smoothly on the selection you make.  Internet service can be delivered in a number of ways, and we can help you to examine the choices available to you based on speed, reliability, and cost.  We can also recommend a backup solution to you in the event there is an outage of your Internet provider.

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POTS, PRI, VoIP, PBX – phone systems in today’s business world are more complex than ever.  While phone systems remain a vital part of company communications, the delivery methods for voice service have changed tremendously.  We can help you to examine your company’s needs and recommend a phone system that is the best fit for your business.  Need a bit more guidance?  We can also examine your IT and telecom systems to determine the most efficient use of your resources and telecom budget.

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Wide Area Networking

For businesses that operate in two or more locations, networking is important.  You want connectivity as well as security.  There are many options available to connect remote locations, and we can help you to determine which would give your business the most security and privacy.  From MPLS to VPN to Point-to-Point, the options for networking depend on the size of your business and your company’s information security considerations, and we can recommend and implement the best solution for your needs.

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Video Conferencing

Increasingly, businesses of all types are turning to video conferencing to meet and conduct business.  If your business is trying to hold the line on travel expenses or needs to conduct a training session across multiple locations, video conferencing can make it possible.  From government agencies to the private sector, video is an efficient way to bring individuals together.

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