What Does the Software Development Process Look Like at Lieberman Technologies?

Technology has become an essential part of business today, regardless of industry. Most businesses use some form of technology for even the simplest of tasks. Computers and computer software help to process orders, schedule deliveries, and create invoices, even among manually-operated companies. But while computer software fills a vital role in business, sometimes it makes processes more complicated than necessary. This is where custom software development can be worth the investment.


software development process graphic with cell phone and laptop

Understanding Software

Software technology is part of everyday life, to the extent that most of us use it and aren’t aware of it. Virtually everything, from the gas pumps at the convenience store to the phone in your pocket, uses software. Generally speaking, there are three types of computer software:

  • System software
  • Application software
  • Programming software

Each of these types of software has a different role to play in the operation of a business. Most people are familiar with system software, even if they don’t give it much thought from day to day. A computer’s Operating System (OS) is an example of system software. The OS allows communication between the hardware and applications. The applications – your email or your word processing or spreadsheet programs – fulfill a specific role on a computer, and, again, most people are familiar with this type of software. Programming software is a tool that developers use to create other software or applications.

Streamlined Software Communication

Often, businesses use a variety of commercial software applications for many of their day-to-day processes. While these applications perform as designed, they often don’t communicate well with one another. In order to streamline processes, Lieberman creates middleware to help these softwares connect and work together.

Through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API) Lieberman can connect multiple systems together to automate processes and define the behavior between software programs.

The Custom Software Application Process

Sometimes, however, commercial software does not fulfill the needs of a business. The custom applications that we create are tailored to specific company needs to help end users perform specific tasks. Here is what you can expect when you work with Lieberman Technologies to develop custom software for your business:

Deliverables Document

In the spirit of a thorough process from beginning to end, this document vets out the project details and objectives. The deliverables document outlines exactly what a client can expect and can help protect the project from “scope creep.”

Agreement Signature

Once both parties are satisfied with the details and objectives outlined in the deliverables document, the agreement is signed. This signed agreement spells out the responsibilities of both parties.

Project Management Meeting

During the project management meeting, both LT and the client work together to set the timeline and milestones for completion of the project. Design elements, if needed, are also discussed during this meeting.

Development Process

This is often the longest portion of the entire process, as developers work to create the codes and performance of the software. There will likely be meetings throughout the development process as developers seek further input from the client.


Once the bulk of the development is complete, the client receives the software in order to test the system and provide feedback. This is done in an isolated environment before the system goes live.

Launch or Handoff of the New System

After testing by the client and any adjustments that must be made, the software is ready to go.

Custom Software for a More Efficient Workflow

If your business is struggling with commercial software limitations, a custom software solution can change everything. Lieberman Technologies can help existing systems communicate with one another or we can design a solution from the ground up. Imagine how much more efficient your business can be when your software works with your processes instead of against them. Custom software can streamline your operations and shorten your workweek.

Lieberman can create proprietary software that is branded to your company and tailored to your specific wants and needs. We can even create mobile-based software for use on smartphones, which can give you even more flexibility. Contact us to learn more about custom software solutions!